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11,736 people sign Orpington MP's petition to stop ULEZ

Today I have written to the Mayor of London, urging him to stop his plan to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) across Greater London.

I have done so on behalf of the 11,736 people who have signed my petition to say no to Sadiq Khan's highway robbery.

I've also submitted my response to Transport for London's consultation on the proposed ULEZ expansion proposal highlighting the petition to ensure your voice is heard.

If ULEZ is expanded from August next year, drivers of older petrol and diesel vehicles will have to pay £12.50 a day to drive anywhere within Greater London. It would hit 135,000 drivers a day and cost people who use their car every day up to £4,500 a year.

When an energy crisis and post-pandemic inflation are already squeezing household budgets and businesses, Khan's plan is profoundly irresponsible and damaging.

And he is proposing to proceed, despite his own impact assessment showing that expanding ULEZ will have a negligible impact on air quality in outer London.

Instead of spending £200 million on a new ULEZ camera network, the Mayor should invest in electric buses, electric charging points and better public transport services. Thank you to everyone who has signed my petition and responded to Transport for London's consultation. If you haven't had your say, you can still respond to the consultation by 29 July. As your MP, I have written to the Mayor and Transport for London to say no to ULEZ and ensure your voice is heard. You can read my letter and consultation response on the links below. I urge Sadiq Khan to listen to you and the thousands of people living in Orpington and surrounding villages who signed my petition, saying no to ULEZ expansion.

Letter to the Mayor of London
Download PDF • 547KB

ULEZ Consultation Response
Download PDF • 558KB

My letter to the Mayor of London


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