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51 Conservative politicians demand Sadiq Khan drops boundary charge plan

Together with 50 other Conservative politicians, I signed a letter to Sadiq Khan calling on him to scrap his boundary charge proposal.

The Mayor continues to threaten a charge of up to £5.50 a day for drivers entering Greater London. It would have a massive impact on the Orpington constituency, taxing people to visit, shop, and work in our community.

This is the last thing local businesses in Orpington need. Many rely on customers and workers travelling in from Kent and Surrey. There's little doubt that this charge would deter some customers from shopping in Orpington, hurting our recovery. If introduced, Khan's plan would be an effective £1000 salary cut for people who drive to work in Greater London but live outside the capital.

It would have a significant impact on our public and emergency services. Over half of Greater London's police officers and firefighters live outside the capital. The charge could also hit a fifth of the King's College Hospital NHS Trust staff. And one school locally said the charge could hit 40% of its employees.

In Parliament, I have continually raised concerns around this charge alongside our London Assembly Member Peter Fortune, who is challenging the ludicrous plan at City Hall. I'm pleased that many colleagues, including Old Bexley and Sidcup's new MP Louie French, are joining the fight.

I will continue to oppose this charge and do everything in my power to stop Sadiq Khan from introducing it.


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