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Beware of ULEZ expansion today

Today the Mayor of London has expanded the Ultra Low Emission Zone up to the North and South Circulars.

The new zone is 18 times the size of the existing area. It will not impact the London Borough of Bromley, but it does cut through Lewisham and Greenwich. So please check if your car is ULEZ compliant before driving into London.

If your vehicle is not compliant, the Mayor will charge you £12.50 to drive into the expanded zone. You can check to see if your vehicle is ULEZ compliant using Transport for London's number plate checker.

Unlike the Congestion Charge zone, the ULEZ charge is 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you fail to pay the charge, the Mayor will fine you £160 each time.

It's disappointing the Mayor expanded the charge so soon after the pandemic. We must tackle air pollution, but ULEZ expansion will hit those who can least afford it.

Our local London Assembly Member Peter Fortune called for a one-month fines amnesty and greater investment in scrappage schemes to help people switch vehicles and avoid the charge. I hope the Mayor listens to these sensible suggestions.


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