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Boris’ Brexit Deal passes final House of Commons hurdle

Orpington’s MP Gareth Bacon cast his last vote to get Brexit done today to ensure the UK leaves the EU on the 31 January.

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill was given its final nod in the House of Commons with 330 MPs in favour and 231 against.

It will now be considered by the House of Lords which by convention will not oppose manifesto commitments of the winning party.

Commenting after the vote, Gareth Bacon MP said: “This was the final hurdle for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill today in the House of Commons, and it passed with ease.

“The House of Lords will now consider the bill, but by convention, as it was included in the Conservative Party manifesto, it will be approved by the Lords.

“We are one step closer to leaving the EU on the 31 January. To mark that historic occasion which marks a new chapter in our country’s history, I have proudly backed the campaign for Big Ben to ring out.”


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