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From this month, the energy price cap falls by 12%. Taken with the sharp fall in inflation, and the tax cuts announced by the Chancellor, people in Orpington will begin to see a real difference in their pockets. 

We've had a tough few years because of major unexpected events (the pandemic and the war in Ukraine) causing shocks to global economies and driving up prices. And this government spent many billions of pounds supporting people and businesses during this time. Despite the shocks, we have now turned a corner, and this is just the beginning. I will keep pushing for sensible and targeted tax cuts to help working people in Orpington.  


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Brian Hubbard
Brian Hubbard
Apr 11

People of Orpington, don’t be misled by this Cost of Living Update. Inflation went up, by 10% prices went up and stayed up.Then up again by 4%, Council Tax up by 5%, telephone bills up, by rate of inflation plus 3.9%. Energy price cap down by 12% but Standing Charges went up, some by 60%. Then this government ‘honoured’ the triple lock, a rise of 8.7%,, but only gave pensioners, on average, £17 a week, so, and I quote, ‘ they could retire with dignity’! Then IPSA gave the MPs a 5.5% increase which gave them a rise of £91 a week. The rich get richer and the poor, well they can ‘accept Covid fate’

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