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Gareth Bacon votes to guarantee £33.9 billion NHS funding boost

Orpington’s MP Gareth Bacon voted this week to enshrine the government’s pledge in law to inject an extra £33.9 billion into the NHS each year by 2024. 

Bromley’s NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which covers Orpington, will receive a 17% cash increase in its funding to ensure patients receive the care they need. 

By 2024, the cash injection for Bromley’s CCG will mean funding per patient will have increased by 13%, a larger boost than the 5% enjoyed by the rest of London. 

Gareth Bacon, commented after the vote: “Today’s vote will guarantee in law the largest and longest ever cash boost for the NHS in England. Orpington will stand to benefit as the funding for Bromley’s CCG will increase by 17% by 2024.

“This cash injection will help ensure patients get the care they deserve and the NHS will continue to provide world class healthcare. I know many people in Orpington will be pleased to see that this election pledge is now enshrined in law and is guaranteed to be delivered.”


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