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It All Adds Up

With the recent drop in temperatures and winter fast approaching, I know that many people in the constituency will be concerned about rising energy costs.

I am pleased that the ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign has been updated for 2023/24. You can find a series of actions to take which will help lower bills and conserve energy this winter via:

Simple steps which can be taken today include:

  1. Reduce your boiler flow temperature and save up to £60 per year

  2. Bleed your radiators to reduce the costs of your energy bills

  3. Get your boiler serviced to help reduce your energy bills

  4. Heat the rooms you’re in and turn down the radiators in unused rooms and you could save up to £50 per year

  5. Install an energy efficient showerhead and save up to £40 per year

  6. Reduce your washing machine temperature and save up to £20 per year

Following the Government’s successful initiatives to support families, up to £120 million may have been saved by households through this campaign last year, so I encourage you all to find out more.


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