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MPs approve law to stop the early release of terrorists

MPs passed emergency legislation today to stop the early release of terrorist offenders in a fast-tracked voting session in the House of Commons.

The Terrorist Offenders (Restriction of Early Release) Bill will ensure that dangerous terrorists are not released before the end of their custodial term without agreement from the Parole Board.

Under rules set by the previous Labour government two terrorists - Usman Khan and Sudesh Amman - were automatically released early without checks by the Parole Board. They both went on to launch terror attacks on London Bridge and Streatham High Road, killing two people and wounding five others.

Downing Street will fast-track the emergency legislation to ensure it comes into law by the end of the month. The House of Commons completed all of its stages today so the bill can move forward quickly.

Gareth Bacon MP commented after the vote: "This is vital legislation which the country urgently needs to stop Labour's automatic release policy for convicted terrorists.

"London, and the entire country, have been shaken by the recent terror attacks at London Bridge and Streatham, where two convicted terrorists were able to kill and maim members of the public after being released early from prison.

"There are around 50 convicted terrorists who could be released automatically early under Labour's old rules. Today's vote will keep the public safe by ensuring that no terrorist offender is released early without a thorough risk assessment by the Parole Board.”


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