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My interview on GB News

Last night on GB News, I spoke to Nigel Farage about why I'm supporting Liz Truss, the energy crisis and illegal immigration.

With the next energy price cap expected to rise above £3,000 in October, the government is working on plans for the next prime minister to consider to help families this winter.

If elected, Liz Truss will scrap green levies, cutting energy bills by £153, and reverse the National Insurance tax hike to save households £253 on average.

If energy prices rise as high as expected, more support may be needed. But I believe Liz Truss's bold plan to grow the economy and cut taxes on top of financial support is the right one.

Illegal immigration continues to be a frustrating problem. The Home Secretary has made significant steps forward despite fierce opposition, and the Rwanda plan will deter unlawful channel crossings, save lives and end the criminal trafficking trade.

While British courts have deemed the plan legal, the zealous Strasbourg courts have attempted to override UK laws with activist interpretations of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) to block the project.

The British Bill of Rights is intended to rebalance UK and Strasbourg courts which I hope will allow us to deport illegal immigrants quickly. If the ECHR remains an obstacle, I believe the Conservative Party should campaign to leave it at the next election.

You can watch my full interview below:


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