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New Tier 2 business support for Orpington

I've been lobbying for more business support for Orpington after Tier 2 restrictions were imposed on us. And I am pleased to say that today the Chancellor has announced new measures to help businesses and protect jobs.

These are the key announcements which will support businesses across Orpington and protect jobs locally

NEW CASH GRANTS: A new grants scheme for businesses impacted by Tier 2, like Orpington, will be introduced.

This will provide a grant up to £2,100 for every business in hospitality, leisure and accommodation within Tier 2 areas.

These grants will be retrospective. So Orpington's businesses can backdate them to the date the Tier 2 restrictions were introduced.

JOB SUPPORT SCHEME: This scheme will become more generous with employers contributing significantly less and the Government a lot more.

The scheme supports companies facing periods of low demand over winter, helping them keep staff on reduced hours, protecting jobs and people's wages.

The Government will now pay 62% of people's wages for hours not worked and the employer will contribute only 5%. To qualify, the employee now only needs to work at least a fifth of their usual hours.

DOUBLING SELF-EMPLOYED GRANT: This grant will be doubled from 20% to 40% of self-employed people's profits.

Grants are available for all self-employed people who've stopped trading or have a significant fall in trade. This change means the maximum available grant will increase from £1,875 to £3,750.

EXTRA SUPPORT FOR LOCAL AUTHORITIES: Nearly £500,000,000 will be provided to local authorities to support public health in Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas.

This is on top of £6 billion the Government has already provided to local authorities since the crisis began.

Remember, local businesses need your help. We can all help to protect jobs across the Orpington constituency by shopping locally.

My team and I are here to help, so if you own a local businesses and need help, please email:

Find more information on the new support available here.


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