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Orpington Health and Wellbeing Centre Visit

Today I visited the Orpington Health and Wellbeing Centre to see one of our local vaccine sites in action, administering vaccines to priority patients locally.

I am pleased to report they are on target to vaccinate their most vulnerable patients by mid-February. The centre is receiving a regular supply of the Pfizer and Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccines.

The Orpington Health and Wellbeing Centre is one of the sites administering vaccines to Orpington constituents. You may be invited to get a jab at:

  • Princess Royal University Hospital

  • Community House in Bromley

  • Mass vaccination sites at the Excel Centre and Epsom (if you cannot travel to these sites, you will be invited to a local vaccine centre).

When it's your turn, the NHS will invite you - by phone or letter - to book a vaccination appointment. The NHS may not contact you straight away, so please be patient.

Thank you to Dr Ruchira Paranjape for taking the time to talk me through the centre's vaccination process. And thank you to all the excellent doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers delivering vaccines across the constituency.

With every jab, we are a step closer to reopening Orpington.


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1 Comment

Jan 30, 2021

My dad had his jab yesterday and mum my had it at the Orpington centre. All I can say is the staff at the centre were fantastic and are doing a great job. Well done guys we all owe you and are in our debt. Many thanks Gareth for all your help finding out info for us. Gareth if you’d ever in Cornwall your welcome to drop in fir a cup of tea - more than welcome. We’re lucky to have the best medical care in the world !! Fantastic job getting the vaccine out there - top job 👍

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