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Orpington to benefit from biggest policing boost in decade

The government has announced the biggest funding increase for policing across the country in a decade. 

Orpington is set to benefit from the funding boost as the Metropolitan Police Service will receive an extra £191 million this year to tackle crime across Greater London. 

Gareth Bacon MP, welcomed the announcement, saying: “This is a welcome boost to policing in Greater London which will put more officers on the beat to tackle rising crime. 

“We are lucky that Orpington is a relatively safe place to live, but many people are concerned by soaring crime in London and the fear of crime is rising. 

“That’s why I will be pushing for Orpington to get its fair share of the extra funding and police officers that the government is providing. We must get more police officers on the beat across Orpington to tackle crime and reassure residents.” 


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