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Raising our priorities with Thames Water

I met with Thames Water this week to discuss their works around Orpington and road closure plans in Biggin Hill.

Several residents previously wrote to me with concerns about sewage overflows, particularly following the false claim that MPs voted to allow sewage in rivers. I was pleased to learn that Thames Water are installing 200 alarm monitors in our area, with a live monitoring system to prevent potential overflows before they even occur.

While Labour once again failed to put forward any solution which would address problems, the Conservative Government launched its Storm Overflows Discharge Reduction Plan. This features stringent targets to reduce overflows and help protect our environment. It is the largest infrastructure programme in water company history, with a legally-binding commitment under the Environment Act 2021.

I will be liaising between Thames Water and the government to ensure this is carried out effectively in residents’ interests. I’d also like to thank Andy Wilson and his team at the Cray Forum, who corresponded with me at length on this issue back in 2021 as part of their endeavours to help protect natural assets around the River Cray.

However, Biggin Hill is facing potential disruption given works to install a water main at a development in Westerham Hill. This issue involves both Bromley and Kent councils, as well as a number of other key stakeholders, who have been in discussions with Thames Water.

I have been representing local businesses with Thames Water since the start of the year, and we discussed possible options at length. Works could be brought forward from summer 2024 and start on Friday 15th December, so I am convening a priority meeting in the coming days to ensure that the final plan acknowledges everyone’s interests.


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