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Roundtable with Orpington businesses

It was good to speak with businesses and stakeholders last week about their local priorities. Many thanks to Chris Travers and the team at Orpington 1st for convening our roundtable.

With inflation on track to halve by this year, and with a growing economy, there are reasons to be optimistic. I enjoyed hearing from the group about their experiences and views on various policies affecting their organisations on a day-to-day basis, which I will be raising with Treasury Ministers ahead of the Autumn Statement.

I know that inflationary pressures over this year and now the ULEZ expansion have been difficult for many. Price rises in goods and services, as well as energy costs, have posed a serious challenge for traders and their profit margins.

That is why I believe we need to create the conditions for businesses to thrive by reducing burdens and unleashing their potential. Part of this involves the right policies, but as was made clear during the meeting, it also involves Orpington’s ecosystem – from road conditions and amenities for families, to our built environment as well as a strong and effective policing presence.

Engaging with local groups is a key part of my role as an MP and I look forward to continuing to speak with businesses, charities and volunteers as I continue to represent you in Parliament.


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