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Sadiq Khan must scrap his Outer London Tax plan

Today I spoke out against Sadiq Khan’s plan to charge drivers up to £5.50 to enter Greater London in the House of Commons.

Sadiq Khan’s border tax would penalise people from driving into Orpington from Kent, Swanley and Sevenoaks to pay for his mistakes at Transport for London.

This ludicrous charge would hammer Orpington’s businesses who rely on customers, suppliers and workers driving in from outside Greater London.

Worse still, it would hurt our public services. I’ve spoken to many of Orpington’s schools, our local NHS Trust and emergency services about the Mayor’s plan - all of whom rely on staff driving in from outside Greater London.

This charge would be an effective £1,000 pay cut for many of Orpington’s teachers, police officers, firefighters and NHS workers.

The Mayor must scrap his Outer London Tax plan. If he doesn’t, the Government must strip him of the power to impose it.

My full speech is below, and I am grateful to the News Shopper for covering it.


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