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Shielding Orpington from the energy crisis

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Today the Energy Price Guarantee came into force to protect you, your family and your businesses from the gas crisis.

The guarantee means that the typical UK household will now pay up to an average £2,500 a year on their energy bill for the next two years.

It automatically applies to all households. The guarantee works by limiting the unit price of electricity and gas that you will be charged to 34.0 p/kWg and 10.3p/kWh respectively.

So while the energy bill for the average home will be limited to around £2,500, your bill will reflect the amount of energy you use.

This means you can save more money by conserving energy, but will not face crippling costs for the energy you do use to stay warm and power your home.

Compared to the energy price cap that was due to come into force today, the average bill has been cut by £1,000. It will also shield you from further energy price hikes as wholesale gas prices are expected to rise substantially this winter.

This is on top of the £400 support that will be discounted from household energy bills. The most vulnerable households will also continue to receive up to £1,200 of additional support.

Orpington's business, public services and charities will also automatically be shielded from the crisis with the Energy Bill Relief Scheme offering a similar level of support for at least the next six months.

Support for businesses will be reviewed after three months and a scheme for high-energy use businesses, public services and charities designed.

If you need help understanding or accessing additional support please contact me at, my team and I are here to help.

This action is unprecedented, possibly beyond the scale of the furlough scheme during the coronavirus pandemic.

But it is needed to shield people from rocketing wholesale gas prices, forced up by Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine and weaponisation of Russia's vast energy supplies.

We must never be in this situation again. We must end our reliance on expensive energy imports and volatile international fossil fuel markets under the main influence of dictators like Putin.

Instead, we need to build more British nuclear power, cheap renewables, and extract more fossil fuels domestically. The government has set out ambitious plans to build more offshore wind power, build new nuclear, and support the UK's oil and gas sector.

As your Member of Parliament, I will continue to push hard for the investment in homegrown British energy we need to energy this crisis for good.


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