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What Tier 3 means for Orpington

Unfortunately, from Wednesday (16th December), Orpington will move into Tier 3 with the rest of Greater London.

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in parts of Greater London, including Orpington. In the week up to the 8th December, the London Borough of Bromley's rate of infection rose by 35% to 225.1 cases per 100,000 people. This means that the London Borough of Bromley's rate of infection is in line with the Greater London average, which is higher than any other English region's infection rate.

This is hugely disappointing news, but we must all follow these tougher rules to get the virus under control and save lives. If we don't get the virus under control, the NHS could be overwhelmed, meaning patients suffering from coronavirus or other illnesses may not get the help they need. Bromley Council has warned Princess Royal University Hospital is already experiencing severe strain on its services.

There is hope on the horizon. The NHS has embarked upon the biggest vaccination programme in its history. However, this does not mean you can stop following the rules. Everyone must obey the rules to slow the spread of coronavirus while the vaccine is deployed.

By following the rules, you can help slow the spread of the virus and save lives.

Find the full guidance for Tier 3 here:


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