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Southeastern timetable survey

I want to hear your thoughts about Southeastern's new timetable, which will be introduced on Monday 11 December.


As your Member of Parliament, I want to ensure your voice is heard. If you travel by train using Southeastern services at Orpington, Petts Wood, Chelsfield or St Mary Cray stations and have been impacted by the timetable changes - either benefiting or losing out - I want to hear from you.

Some of the additional services and changes benefit your new work schedule or travel plans, in which case, please respond so I can protect these services. However, please let me know if you are losing out because of these changes, as I will fight to restore the services Orpington needs.

I will write to Southeastern with your views to ensure we have the best train services possible and campaign for changes where needed.

Have your say
Which train station within the Orpington constituency do you travel from?
Do you think Southeastern's new timetable is an improvement on our rail services?

Thanks for submitting!

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