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Crime survey

I want to hear your views about policing in Orpington. 


I am working with the police to make sure that officers are out and about and visible in the right places. We have recruited 20,000 new officers across the country, the Metropolitan Police now has the highest number of officers in its history, and our town centre in Orpington has a seven-strong squad. 

I want to make sure that they are responding effectively when you need them, so I would like to hear about your experiences and priorities for the police. This will help build up a true picture of what is happening locally, and I will discuss your responses anonymously with the police so they can focus their resources on the right places, and deliver the service that you need.

Have your say
Have you, or anyone in your household, been a victim of crime locally in the past 12 months?
If yes, what crime have you been a victim of?
Did you contact the police about the crime?
If yes, were you happy with their response?
Generally speaking, do you feel safe in your neighbourhood?
The Metropolitan Police now has the highest number of officers in its history. In the past month, have you seen a police officer on patrol in the community?
Do you feel there are any no-go areas in Orpington?
Looking ahead to the next 12 months, which crime would you like the police to focus on most locally?

Your answers have been submitted.

Thank you for taking part. 

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