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As well as representing you in Westminster, I am working tirelessly to deliver for Orpington and the surrounding villages. Below is my latest work, delivering for you.
Keeping Orpington safe
I am fighting to get more police on the beat on our streets. As the Government recruits 20,000 extra officers nationally, I am pushing to ensure Orpington gets its fair share of those officers. 

As more police officers are recruited across London we will be able to improve local policing in our community to deter criminal behaviour and reassure residents. 
Protecting the green belt

I fought and defeated the Planning Inspectorate's call for the green belt to be reviewed to make way for Sadiq Khan's damaging housing plan.


Outer London’s green belt protects our environment, safeguards the unique nature of Orpington and the surrounding villages, and prevents unchecked urban sprawl. It must be protected.

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Supporting local businesses

Across the Orpington constituency, the Government's unprecedented action has protected thousands of jobs, incomes, and businesses throughout this crisis.

Together with local businesses and business groups, I have been encouraging people to shop locally to help Orpington bounce back after coronavirus. By supporting local businesses, we can all help to protect, support and create jobs.

More funding for Orpington's schools

I promised in last December's General Election that I would secure extra funding for Orpington's schools, and I am proud to have delivered on that pledge.


Our schools will be receiving a £1.3 million funding boost after I raised concerns with the Secretary of State for Education. This funding boost will help ensure that Orpington's children and young people continue to receive an excellent education.

More funding for the NHS

I voted to enshrine in law the longest and largest ever cash boost for the NHS in its history. This £33.9 billion injection will help ensure patients get the care they deserve and the NHS will continue to provide world class healthcare. 


By 2024, the cash injection for Bromley's Clinical Commission Group, which covers Orpington, will mean funding per patient will have increased by 13%, a larger boost than the 5% enjoyed by the rest of London.

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