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Six weeks ago, my neighbouring MPs and I wrote to the Mayor of London and TfL, asking them to urgently review the ongoing mess on the A20 eastbound near Sidcup. We have finally received a response. 


If you’ve been following this, you'll know that TfL cut the speed limit from 70mph and 50 mph to 40mph on this stretch, but they did not properly communicate it to the public. This has resulted in drivers across London and the South East being fined, many of whom were travelling at speeds of less than 50mph. Some drivers are worried that they could now lose their freedom to drive, and even their jobs, due to multiple fines and points being issued in quick succession.


The communication of this "temporary" change has been poor. At the time of writing our letter to TfL in January, there was still at least one sign wrongly stating 50mph, and many sat nav systems were wrongly showing 50mph and 70mph for the section of road. 


In their response,


  • TfL say that works to remedy surface water flooding are expected to go on until the end of 2024. 

  • They admit that an incorrect speed limit sign had been placed on the road, but they claim this was quickly replaced. Clearly it wasn’t quick enough given the number of drivers penalised. 

  • They say they have contacted the likes of Google and Waze to ensure that the correct speed limits are updated on sat nav systems. 

  • They have completely ignored our question of how many speeding fines have been issued on this stretch of road since the new speed limits were installed.  

  • They have refused our request to ask the police to cancel all speeding fines and points on this stretch of road since the cameras and the new speed limits were installed — despite there being an incorrect sign put up by a “third party”.

You can read the original letter, and TfL’s response below.

If you live in Orpington, and believe you have been wrongly fined, please contact my team at and I will do my best to help. Meanwhile, we are ramping up the pressure on TfL to ask the police to cancel all fines and points — especially as there was a rogue sign put up by a so-called “third party". 

20240131 MPs - Letter to Sadiq Khan
Download PDF • 447KB

20240307 TfL - response
Download PDF • 1.64MB


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