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Last week (22nd March 2024), Labour MPs filibustered in Parliament to prevent the progress of a new law that would have overturned the expansion of ULEZ. 

Neighbouring MP Gareth Johnson’s Bill was intended to cancel the expansion of the ULEZ tax to outer London and would have put restrictions in place on any future expansion. 

The government offered full support for the Bill but disgracefully Labour MPs deliberately "talked it out". We heard speeches as long as 30 minutes from their MPs — MPs from places like Bristol and Nottingham, who have nothing to do with London. This was a tactic to make the Bill run out of time so it cannot progress any further. 

Meanwhile local people are being devastated by the ULEZ tax including tradesmen, small business owners, nurses, cleaners, the elderly, and those with mobility issues. These are people who rely on their vehicles for their livelihoods and to get around.

We have an opportunity to change this in the upcoming Mayoral elections. Susan Hall will immediately reverse this expansion if she is elected.


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