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Orpington Vaccine Update - 30 January

Get your jab now if you haven't got your vaccine or booster. It will protect you, your family and your community - and help keep our country open.

The NHS has delivered 196,019 vaccine doses in the Orpington constituency. Here's the breakdown:

  • 72,559 people have received their first dose. That's about 93 per cent of people locally who are eligible for the vaccine (aged 12 and over).

  • 68,225 people have received their second dose. This means about 87 per cent of eligible people locally are fully vaccinated (aged 12 and over).

  • 55,061 people have received their booster jab. That's about 75 per cent of all adults locally.

Who is eligible for a coronavirus vaccine?

The NHS is offering a coronavirus vaccine to anyone aged over 12. Once you have received your first dose, you will be invited for a second dose eight weeks later to strengthen your protection.

If an adult or a child has a weakened immune system, the NHS will contact you to offer you a third vaccine dose. This is not a booster jab. Book your appointment now.

Who is eligible for a booster vaccine?

The evidence suggests that the protection vaccines offer can wane over time. That's why the NHS is offering all adults a booster jab. You can book your booster dose online if it's been two months (61 days) since you had your second dose, and you are:

  • aged 16 and over

  • a frontline health or social care worker

You will be offered appointment dates from 2 months after the date of your second dose.


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