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Violence and lawlessness does nothing to further the cause of equality.

I am appalled by the scenes of violence, lawlessness, and desecration we've witnessed over the weekend.

The death of George Floyd in the USA was a disgusting act of police brutality, and I am pleased that those responsible have been arrested and charged.

However, assaulting British police officers - who protect all of us every day and who are committed to rooting out racism - is disgraceful. They are not responsible for a brutal act that another country's police officers committed thousands of miles away.

It is incredibly disappointing to see thousands of people break lockdown. Coronavirus is still a very real threat, and these protests risk throwing away all the progress we have made in getting this cruel virus under control. It is a selfish act to break lockdown restrictions - and I would urge anyone considering of joining future protests to find a new safe, legal, and peaceful way to demonstrate that doesn't put people's lives at risk. Finally, desecrating The Cenotaph, Winston Churchill's statue, and a statue of Abraham Lincoln is abhorrent. These monuments commemorate the heroes who defeated fascism, protected our freedom, and ended slavery in the USA. These acts are stupid and counterproductive. Anyone responsible for the scenes this weekend will be held to account for their appalling actions. I am pleased the Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed that the police will pursue those responsible for vandalism and assaulting police officers. Justice must follow:


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Gillian Rawlins
Gillian Rawlins
Jun 10, 2020

We endorse your comments and you appear to be a vast improvement on your predecessor. However we really need to make a stand regarding monuments as they represent part of our heritage, the people responsible for acts of violence do not help their cause.

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